I want to say that I am very lucky and grateful to have had a coach like you in my life !! The experience was intense and I believe that you are responsible for all the changes and decisions I took recently. These decisions helped me reached the goal I wanted the most - focus on what is important to me and be able to go out there to find someone to spend my life with. I am not afraid anymore and I have gained my self-esteem back. I will never forget what you did for me. I am filled with positive energy and love my new life !!  GF


Gracias por tu maravilloso trabajo y por todo el tiempo que invertiste en tus prácticas conmigo, admiro tu dedicación y capacidad para ayudarme a:

  • Liberarme de todo aquello que impide mi crecimiento.
  • Cerrar el círculo del pasado con mi ex marido y posteriormente establecer nuevos cimientos y la construcción de mi nuevo plan de vida.
  • Aprendí a analizar que tan comprometida estoy con mis metas y que tanto necesito poner de mi parte para lograr la continuidad de la aplicación de las herramientas y guía del coach, me ensenaste a hacerme responsable de mis decisiones y consecuencia de mis actos.
  • Me enseñaste a ampliar mi visión y mis múltiples posibilidades para tener una vida más plena, armoniosa y balanceada.
  • Reinventarme y convertirme en quien soy verdaderamente: Reconectarme con mi esencia, con mi verdadero yo para hacer realidad mis deseos.
  • Avanzar en cualquier ámbito de mi vida vida: Mostrandome la manera de establecer metas de manera constante y caminos fáciles para alcanzarlas de tal manera que aprendiera a diseñar la vida de mis sueños.

Obtuve resultados personales y profesionales en todas las áreas de mi vida ya que todas están íntimamente relacionadas, todo afecta a un todo, de tal forma que pudiera lograr y avanzar en mi vida personal (imagen, pareja, familia, amigos) como en lo profesional (reconocimiento, finanzas, relaciones de trabajo). Sinceramente, VB


During the three months, I have attended many one-individual sessions with Naira in order to improve both my professional and personal life. She utilizes a forward thinking approach. She would help me to look towards the present future and see how we can improve today instead of dwelling in the past. I found this approach very useful, as it enabled me to get out of my lull and towards a more proactive lifestyle which was sorely needed.

I find her individual sessions went by too quickly. I found her very approachable and a very good listener. She was able to understand what I was trying to say, even though sometimes, even I would have trouble explaining certain situations. The action plan that she would set out on a bi-weekly basis seemed tough at first, but with her help and support, I was able to get through the inevitable hurdles in order to meet those challenges.  E.L.


‘S’embarquer dans un voyage avec Naira, c’est prendre un billet aller-simple avec son intérieur, se connecter avec son être en entier. Naira m’a appris à voir les choses autrement, à respirer différemment, à me construire autrement. Avec son soutien, son accompagnement, sa sensibilité, j’ai avancé, puis reculé, puis vibré, pour finalement m’envoler. C’est un voyage de longue haleine mais qui en vaut la peine…Merci Naira de m’avoir montré les ressources que j’avais en moi pour avancer. M.B.

I must say that before I started sessions with Naira, I wasn't sure how life coaching would help me muddle through my obstacles. To "muddle through". That was my OLD way of thinking. I was afraid that my challenges would be to difficult to overcome. After speaking with Naira for several sessions I found myself more focused, with a fresh new perspective, on a clear path to the goals I wanted to achieve. I found myself, for the first time, ever, becoming very motivated and ready to confront my challenges as opportunites to grow as a person and learn how to remain positive throughout adversity. She made me see how to make any situation work for me. It was simply a matter of looking at things differently. 

The biggest change came in my confidence level. I now have a sense of direction and know that my goals are attainable. What I used to think in my mind to be complicated is now quite manageable. Dealing with situations with a positive outlook instead of dread brought me to a different level.

Naira is friendly, humorous, knowledgeable, understanding and very approachable. I felt I was able to speak to her about a wide range of issues as she was never judgemental. Feeling at ease in her presence is a certainty. She made me feel very comfortable through the entire process. TT